Ellie Goulding – We got you on our mind..our dirty mind


Ellie Goulding is HOT – I am not talking about her album sales

Ellie Goulding hit my radar as another EDM flash in the pan collaborating with Skrillex in 2011….and then I saw her abs and the rest is spank bank history!

Ellie is an avid runner and gym rat which explains the ridiculous abs, hot ass and great legs. It doesn’t hurt that she has a face of an angel and the voice to match!

To top it all off she has that, hey I am a cool chick and everything is just loose and laid back so I won’t be mad if you bang my friend, in fact I might even join in!

As a prim and proper Brit, we have not been lucky enough to catch her napping and give us a glimpse of anything besides her six pack….but we can all hope! Trust me, if there is an opportunity to catch Ellie Goulding nude or close…we’ll be there.

Until then, we can just be happy that she is more than willing to supply the spank bank with very respectable and tasteful…nearly nudes….Thanks Ellie, We got you on our mind!

ellie goulding ellie goulding nude

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