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Gangsta Folk – Brandon Ficara

Posted in Deep Thoughts on May 26th, 2010 by GTM

This guy makes me piss myself

When is it officially a mid-life crisis?

Posted in Deep Thoughts on February 21st, 2010 by GTM

Is there a sign post I should be looking for? I did not buy the sports car and I am not fucking my secretary, but I am now constantly re-evaluating my core beliefs.

Is my job, what I should be doing? Is there something else out there that I should be doing that would give me some shred of fulfillment, or has that ship sailed? Did I miss that opportunity and sell my soul to the man years ago? The idealistic me thinks, sure I should go find something else that makes a positive impact in my community, my life, my world but the realistic me think that I will embark on this journey for work fulfillment just to find that no matter what I do, it will eventually feel like work and work sucks!

Am I in the relationship I should be in? Is there some mythical partner our there that would complement me so perfectly that everyday will feel like Shangri-La? Or is Jay right? There is only one women out there with a million faces?

Is my spiritual belief system bankrupt? Is there a higher power of some kind that I should be paying more attention to? I don’t mean some bullshit, dogmatic finger wagging old man in the sky. I am talking about the true life force of all things. If this force exists, is there a set of life rules that I should be adhering to? Maybe it is all about the existential connection of all things. Maybe that is why I find myself more and more preoccupied with the question of am I leaving this world better than I found it? I am unjustly judging other people and thus making their life less fulfilling and sending out negative vibes? Does any of that shit matter?

I am starting to think about how I can become more self sustaining. Grow my own food? waste of time? Less television? Will it make a difference. Stop spending all of my positive effort and energy on trying to sort out the minutia of everyday life. By constantly concerning myself with the little shit, all I am doing is avoiding the really tough questions.

So again I ask…at what point is it officially a mid-life crisis? Is there defining event that signifies..Yes this is a mid life crisis? Or is it like a bad shoe in blackjack? You can never tell it is happening until after it is over and you have lost $300 in 10 minutes? Will I look back from my new home in a cardboard box that I now reside in because my attempts at a zero carbon footprint resulted in me with a dead garden, no job and no wife because I stopped showering and realize…yep that was definitely a midlife crisis????

Mid Season Slump, Mid Week Sag, Mid Day Blahs

Posted in Deep Thoughts on February 10th, 2010 by GTM

fuck my lifeEvery duration in life has a point in the middle that sucks.  2:30pm is the time in the workday that absolutely sucks my ass.  It is when you look at the clock and say “what the fuck?!?!?”  it is only 2:30??  How is that possible?  It has been at least 3 hours since lunch, how can it be only 2:30??? I will never make it to the end of the day!! FML! 

Wednesday is known as hump day, it should be called “Fuck! No way?  It has to be at least Thursday!”  I have only put in 2 full days this week?  How is it that every day goes by so slow and every week takes so long but every time I blink I am at least 5 years older and at least 15% and 100% uglier?  Seriously how is that fucking possible?

Now comes the spot in your life where you look around and say really?  This is it?  This is what I have accomplished?  How is that possible.  I have been busy and miserable the whole time, how can I only be at this station in life?  I am a fucking loser, how long until it is acceptable for me to die?  Really that long?  I will never make it.  How can I have accomplish nothing and still be so long from being allowed to kick off. 

As I have said many times…….Fuck me

Welcome to Buy the Cow

Posted in Deep Thoughts on November 7th, 2009 by GTM

Well you have just reached your thirties, you have accepted your roll in middle america as one of the expedible masses, you have accepted that you will never play shortstop for the Detroit Tigers and you will never win a superbowl. You have accepted that you will never date Alyssa Milano and you will never stumble upon a threesome with 2 supermodels (or three) and you can live with that. You will never grow your hair out like Eddie Vedder, you will never own a convertible mercedes, you will never have the abs of an underwear model, you will never play lead guitar for Green Day, you will never camp in the serengeti and you will never, ever, ever again get the milk for free because, against the advice of all those who had tread the ground before you, you Bought the cow, NOW WHAT?!!

Living Life Through Television

Posted in Deep Thoughts on November 7th, 2009 by GTM

As I get older I find myself more and more living life through the fucking television.  Mad Men, Dexter, all of the Law and Orders.  It doesn’t matter as long as I can find a character I can relate to or wish I was.  Maybe not a character, maybe a location, Vegas, Miami, any of the multitude of CSIs even Alaska, I want to be there.  I guess it is a symptom of the true problem, which is that our lives (my life) are so empty that we will take any escape we can get.  Even a men’s prison (Oz).  Do people really eat ketchup on meatloaf? WTF??  Sorry, I digress.  This leads to the reason I can’t understand reality TV.  There all take place on a sound stage so there are no locations and all os the characters are douchebags so when is to covet?  Another thing, V is back?  Is the creative talent in the television writing circle so inspirationally bancrupt that they have nothing better to do than rehash old shitty TV?  I can look the other way when you hand me ER or Greys Anatomy and tell me is it not Trapper John MD or NYPD Blue and tell me it is not Hill Street Blues.  But to take shitty TV from the 80s  and 90s (bev Hills 90210, Melrose Place, V) and simply remake them?? What is next, Miami Vice?  Oh wait they did that as a movie, along with The Dukes of Hazard and a laundry list of other shitty TV shows.  Just wait for The A Team coming to a Movie screen near you.  If they remake HardCastle and McCormick or tales of the Golden monkey, I am shutting it down forever.

72 and still going strong

Posted in Deep Thoughts on June 6th, 2009 by GTM

When I was in my twenties, I would spend most of my day planning world dominance, jerking off and trying to stay out of my girl’s way enough that I would not piss her off so she might have the inclination to give up the booty once in a while.  As I reached my thirties I figured it would change, my days would be more productive and “grown up”.  Now I am in my mid-thirties and I spend most of my day, surfing porn (they did not have the internet when I was in my twenties), planning world domination, jerking off and trying to stay out of my wife’s way enough that I would not piss her off so she might have the inclination to give up the booty once in a while.  Yesterday I read about David Carradine, the star of Kung Fu, that David Carradine.  I read that he was found dead hanging in a closet in Thailand with a rope around his neck and pecker, naked.  Allegedly trying to get the ulimate high through auto-erotic asphyxiation.  So…..apparently when you are in your 70s, you spend most of your day…….surfing porn, planning world domination, jerking off and trying to stay out of your girl’s way enough that you do not piss her off so she might have the inclination to give up the booty once in a while.

We really are a lower life form. How in the world does anything get done by men???

Does Barry Melrose not own a mirror?

Posted in Deep Thoughts on May 10th, 2009 by GTM

reformed mullet In case you are unaware of who Barry Melrose is, he is a hockey anaylist on ESPN.  He is the former coach of the Los Angeles Kings.  He coached during the Wayne Gretzky era when “The Great One” carried the unlikely Kings to the Stanley Cup finals ultimately losing to the mighty Canadians.  So……why am I talking about him?  He is also one of the bravest people in the whole world.  Barry Melrose has the stones to give the finger to the world and continue to rock moustache and the center part MULLET!!!  In this day of metro-sexual men and $200 haircuts on television, Barry still gets his hair cut by his mother (allegedly). 

Now although this is very brave, it’s also absurd.  Barry!  Look at yourself man!  Only people from countries that were once part of the soviet union and are now in shambles or people from inner Canada still wear the 1980s hockey hair.  These people however have an excuse, most of them don’t own televisions and the last time they had access to what is “in style”, “The Hardy Boys” was a hit television show and David Hasslehoff was not just the drunk guy with the cheeseburger.  Now it can argued that even when Def Leppard and the rest of the mediocre rock bands were perpetuating one of the worst hair dos of all time, it was not cool.  But now It is REALLY not cool!!! The only thing that could be worse would be to wear the long part of your hair in a pony tail!

Barry, you are a millionaire who is seen on national television every day.  Hire a stylist…AND LISTEN TO THEM!!!  There is one saving grace for Barry Melrose and it is this…..The Wicked Mullet he used to wear, makes the reformed-mullet that he now sports, look as hip as Cold Play or Kabala.

Really?? Truck Balls??????

Posted in Deep Thoughts on April 11th, 2009 by GTM

I got stuck behind a pick up truck today and I had a hard time figuring out which stereo type this moderately advanced primate fit best.  Red neck?  Well he did have a confederate flag bumper sticker.  I would bet a million dollars that he has the the entire blue collar comedy series on blue ray disk….and then he probably ruined them by trying to fit them into his 8 track stereo system.  White Trash? He had a pair of stainless steel testicles hanging from his trailer hitch…….wait, rewind, yes i said metal balls hanging from the back of his truck.  I understand that some ill-informed, uneducated cousin bangers actually consider the confederate flag a sign of their heritage (I would probably try to hide that heritage) but, I cannot under any circumstances find an occassion that I would need metal testicles.  I do remember Alec Baldwin once saying that it takes brass balls to sell real estate…but these were stainless steel.  But then I saw it….he also had a big poster size graphic on his tail gate and I want make sure you understand that I am not shitting you.  It was a large chevy symbol and below it was written, “if you are Strokin’ or Cummin’….you have to be Hard as a Rock”  The stereo type that fits this guy best is Low Life F-ing, super Douche bag!!!  on what planet does that even make sense??? I mean, I am all for vulgarity, in fact I once pissed myself in a bar just to prove I could!!!  But it needs to be clever and funny or at least one of the two!  I get that they were trying to play on the chevy theme “Like a Rock”  BUT THEY DIDN’T EVEN USE THAT!!!!!!  This kind of de-evolution is complete evidence that we are letting too many stupid people breed!!! The only reason that people like that are still alive, is because it is illegal to kill them!!  Maybe we should think about changing that law. GIT-R-Dun

To What End????

Posted in Deep Thoughts on January 28th, 2009 by GTM

It has always been a mystery to me… what point did we as a society decide that “the right thing to do” was literally work until you die??? Think about it, we usually start working part time at around 15 years old.  Working in a grocery store after school to make extra money to buy CDs or weed.  Some of us even started earlier with paper routes or lawn cutting to make some extra money to buy comic books.  From there…..we just keep on working, through college, after college, through our 20s, through our 30s and if we are “lucky” we are able to work right into our 60s!  And then…..within 8 years (statistically) we die.  And that is only if you are one of the lucky ones, if you are unlucky, you die at 55 on the job before you ever earn the privilege to “retire”. I know, great huh? 10 hours a day for 50 years given to someone besides you or the ones you love and then you are allowed to die with pride because you did the “right” thing.  Even if you make it to retirement, you are too old to do any of the fun stuff!!  You are too old to surf, too old to make the big league and WAAYYYY to old to enjoy sex!  If you are the schlub who only work 25 hours a week as a waiter or a bartender and spends the rest of the time reading books you enjoy or taking part in hobbies that interest you…you are a bum who has done nothing with your life.  You have nothing to offer……..W-w-W-what???? You spend the majority of your life doing things you enjoy, and really experiencing the world and you are a fool, but- If you spend the majority of your life in a cubicle, making someone else rich and aquiring stuff you don’t need to impress people you don’t know…you are the smart one, living the dream.  Sounds  like a nightmare to me. 

All I am saying is, to what end?  Why do we allow ourselved to be trapped in this paradox that tells us we should do something that goes against every fiber of our make up just so we can die!  We are not suppose to spend every day couped up in an office.

Wrap Your Head Around This

Posted in Deep Thoughts on January 17th, 2009 by GTM

Lately I have been reading a lot of buddhist literature and I have to admit that the principles are really intriguing.  I have also been listening to the podcast by Alan Watts.  The concept he brought up was something that really brought everything back into focus.  The concept was, memories of past and dreams of future do not exist.  When you first think about it, it seems nuts, right?  Memories exist, I was there, I “remember” them.  But think about it, they don’t.  Memories are what ever you want them to be. How many times have you remembered something so vividly that you can experience the smells, sounds and tastes all over again, only to find out that what you remember is not exactly the way it happened?  You could swear that you were wearing a red shirt but the pictures from the day show you in a blue one.  We spend a large part of our day thinking back to days of yore and the fact remains that the moment the event passes, no matter what the event, it no longer exists. 

Now go the other way.  How much of our lives do we spend planning for the future or envisioning an occurance exactly the way we want it to happen and when the moment we are thinking about arrives, it is nothing like the way we had hoped.  The reason……because the moment you were thinking about didn’t exist when you were thinking about it.  We spends hours, days, dreaming and planning for a future that does not exist.

The only thing that truly exists is this exact moment right now and if you think about it too long, that moment no longer exists either.  There is no origin or destination, only the moment of the journey you are in righ now.  I know, its trippy, but it is fact.  I guess that is why the book makers never go out of business.