What is Buy The Cow?

It is a Journey, It is an educational facility, it is a social club for others like you.  In short…it is a safe place, come in, grab a cigar and a stiff drink, we were just about to watch Animal House.

I am sure that like mine, all of your life advisors said the same thing, “why buy the cow when you get the milk for free?”  And in the face of this infinite wisdom, you went and Bought the Cow anyway!  Well this is a journey inside the mind of a man just like you.

You have just reached your thirties, you have accepted your roll in middle america as one of the expedible masses, you have accepted that you will never play shortstop for the Detroit Tigers and you will never win a superbowl. You have accepted that you will never date Alyssa Milano and you will never stumble upon a threesome with 2 supermodels (or three) and you can live with that. You will never grow your hair out like Eddie Vedder, you will never own a convertible mercedes, you will never have the abs of an underwear model, you will never play lead guitar for Green Day, you will never camp in the sarenghetti and you will never, ever, ever again get the milk for free because, against the advice of all those who had tread the ground before you, you Bought the cow, NOW WHAT?!!

What are we like? Well we watch movies to escape from the everyday blah.  Goodfellas, Pulp Fiction, Field of Dreams, City Slickers.  Escapism films anything thing the makes us feel young and verile.  What is on our radio? Anything from the 90s I can barely pronounce the names of most of today’s pop stars let alone understand what the hell they are saying.  Akon?  Kanye? GAGA?  WTF??????