Ellie Goulding – We got you on our mind..our dirty mind

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Ellie Goulding is HOT – I am not talking about her album sales

Ellie Goulding hit my radar as another EDM flash in the pan collaborating with Skrillex in 2011….and then I saw her abs and the rest is spank bank history!

Ellie is an avid runner and gym rat which explains the ridiculous abs, hot ass and great legs. It doesn’t hurt that she has a face of an angel and the voice to match!

To top it all off she has that, hey I am a cool chick and everything is just loose and laid back so I won’t be mad if you bang my friend, in fact I might even join in!

As a prim and proper Brit, we have not been lucky enough to catch her napping and give us a glimpse of anything besides her six pack….but we can all hope! Trust me, if there is an opportunity to catch Ellie Goulding nude or close…we’ll be there.

Until then, we can just be happy that she is more than willing to supply the spank bank with very respectable and tasteful…nearly nudes….Thanks Ellie, We got you on our mind!

ellie goulding ellie goulding nude

Amanda Seyfried: The Big Bad Wolf is In For a Yummy Treat!

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Amanda Seyfried has been quietly amassing quite a hottie resume. Naked in Alpha Dog (3 some naked pool scene). Hot Betty to Megan Fox’s Veronica in Jennifer’s Body. Insanely hot lesbian scene with Julianne Moore in Chloe and now she is playing a Red Riding Hood far from the one I remember in the fairy tale. She has a great rack and doesn’t shy away from nudity and did I mention that Amanda Seyfried has a great rack?

Lizzy Caplan – Getting it up for Party Down

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It is no easy chore to find pictures that do Lizzy Caplan’s hotness justice. She is one of those women you remember that do nothing to show it off and actually seem to try to hide their assets. You can’t hide from us!!! Here are a couple of shots from her Stuff Magazine and Flaunt Magazine shoots. If you want to see her only nude scene, check out season one of true blood, she makes me want to try “v”!!

Nicole Scherzinger – Pussy Cat Doll…MEOW!

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If there was every a reason to listen to terrible music or watch Dancing with the Stars, Nicole Scherzinger is it!!!

Photo from Maxim Hot 100

Nicole Scherzinger

You have to respect an old fashioned girl that still wears panties

Gangsta Folk – Brandon Ficara

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This guy makes me piss myself

Ciara- We love the way you Ride!! Nuff Said

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I know that there were hermaphrodite rumors going around but after seeing this video…i would not even care

Ciara from Vibe Magazine

Zoe Saldana, Tight as a Drumline

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She was a hottie in a bad movie opposite Nick Cannon, then she was the new age Uhura (in case you aren’t aware, Uhura was the cause of many cases of wrist tendonitis of 14 year old boys in the 60s and 70s, James Kirk’s forbibben fruit) on the Star Trek reboot, and then the naked animated version of her was the only reason to see Avatar. I think we will see more of her…well I hope we do.

zoe saldana
Zoe Saldana

Sofia Vergara: Modern Family = Old Fashion Jerk Session

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sofia vergara
What is there to say really. She is one of the stars on the new hit comedy Modern Family. Sometime she puts on the hot latina accent a little thick but that ass is so worth it!

I am now officially obsessed with Sarah Silverman!

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She Might not be the classic beauty but that shit is subjective anyway. She is hot as hell, funny as shit and will literally anything for a laugh, that is sexy. She can to sexy, cute, sophisticated. Seriously, look at that picture from Maxim, the hair, the facial expression. I am going to go jerk off now.

When is it officially a mid-life crisis?

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Is there a sign post I should be looking for? I did not buy the sports car and I am not fucking my secretary, but I am now constantly re-evaluating my core beliefs.

Is my job, what I should be doing? Is there something else out there that I should be doing that would give me some shred of fulfillment, or has that ship sailed? Did I miss that opportunity and sell my soul to the man years ago? The idealistic me thinks, sure I should go find something else that makes a positive impact in my community, my life, my world but the realistic me think that I will embark on this journey for work fulfillment just to find that no matter what I do, it will eventually feel like work and work sucks!

Am I in the relationship I should be in? Is there some mythical partner our there that would complement me so perfectly that everyday will feel like Shangri-La? Or is Jay right? There is only one women out there with a million faces?

Is my spiritual belief system bankrupt? Is there a higher power of some kind that I should be paying more attention to? I don’t mean some bullshit, dogmatic finger wagging old man in the sky. I am talking about the true life force of all things. If this force exists, is there a set of life rules that I should be adhering to? Maybe it is all about the existential connection of all things. Maybe that is why I find myself more and more preoccupied with the question of am I leaving this world better than I found it? I am unjustly judging other people and thus making their life less fulfilling and sending out negative vibes? Does any of that shit matter?

I am starting to think about how I can become more self sustaining. Grow my own food? waste of time? Less television? Will it make a difference. Stop spending all of my positive effort and energy on trying to sort out the minutia of everyday life. By constantly concerning myself with the little shit, all I am doing is avoiding the really tough questions.

So again I ask…at what point is it officially a mid-life crisis? Is there defining event that signifies..Yes this is a mid life crisis? Or is it like a bad shoe in blackjack? You can never tell it is happening until after it is over and you have lost $300 in 10 minutes? Will I look back from my new home in a cardboard box that I now reside in because my attempts at a zero carbon footprint resulted in me with a dead garden, no job and no wife because I stopped showering and realize…yep that was definitely a midlife crisis????